"Where Respect for Diversity and Community Involvement is Paramount on Every Project. TM " 

About Us

Revere Properties brings a fresh perspective to the small to mid-sized real estate development process. We provide 

architectural, construction management and development management services to community oriented clients, 

institutions and mission based organizations. 

Our affiliate company also provides facility maintenance and operational planning services to those same clients, 

if needed. As a minority owned business, we strive to create a work environment where respect for diversity and communitinvolvement is paramount on every project.

A Fresh Perspective – Architect as Construction Manager and Developer

We combine our architectural skills and passion with proven construction management expertise and development experience, to bring more value to all stages of the development process. 

These combined skills afford us the ability to visualize whole projects quickly, understanding the trajectory from design proposal to construction management and on through to the end use. We excel at providing innovative and creative solutions to the most challenging projects. By initially working from an architect’s perspective, we believe that better design results will be achieved throughout the design, construction management and overall development process.

We take on Community Development and Mixed Use Urban Projects from Start to Finish

Good design significantly helps create successful and alluring projects. A high standard of quality creates a better sense of place and adds value to the project, as well as the community. Architects-as-Builders can better visualize where design has the most impact on a project. 

At Revere Properties, we see design quality, sustainability and long terms returns as collectively achievable, no matter the size of the project. Our philosophy includes learning our client’s business, then applying that knowledge in every phase of the development to create value for them and the community.

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