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Our History
Lee Reid

The firm was founded by Architect Lee Reid in 2006, as part of a collaborative non-profit community development program with the Gary Comer Science and Education Foundation. 

The late Gary Comer, a native Chicagoan and founder of Land’s End (a global multi-channel catalog retailer), wanted to make a lasting contribution to the community where he was raised. Mr. Comer and his Foundation, made a commitment of over $80MM to revitalize his childhood neighborhood in Greater Grand Crossing, on the south side of Chicago. 

In 2005, Lee’s initial role was to act as development manager for a number of those development initiatives. Lee assumed responsibility to:

  • Acquire and prepare vacant properties for new development
  • Build a community center, charter school and library
  • Design, Build and sell 90 affordable single family homes
  • Make capital improvements to the local elementary school
  • Initiate job training and create employment opportunities for local residents and minorities

Lee’s expertise and personal commitment to the community revitalization vision inspired Mr. Comer to assist in the creation of Revere Properties, by awarding a number of the intended community redevelopment projects to Lee’s newly formed entity. 

Revere Properties was created to perform the functions and tasks necessary for the successful and sustained revitalization within the Revere community, which included real estate development, architecture, construction and facility management. 

The goal was to create a different type of real estate development entity that focused on supporting all components of the community development/revitalization process and maintain a specific interest in delivering the impact that was missing from typical for-profit entities traditionally serving mission based initiatives.

Today, Revere Properties still embodies the caring and personal interest in the success of their client’s projects and needs, as well as, a committed awareness of the need for revitalization and stabilization in under-served communities near and far. 

Now in our 10th year, we have grown into a thriving business with projects throughout the Chicago metro area, and with rapidly increasing opportunities for growth and impact.

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